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Bill Number Bill Sponsor Law Section Bill Title Bill Year
Last updated: 01/05/2017
view A8501 Assemblyman Felix Ortiz Agriculture and Markets Law Requires products labeled as dietary supplements or nutritional supplements to carry a label stating that product has or has not been tested by United States FDA 2015-2016
view A3650 Assemblymember David DiPietro Correction Law Authorizes medical testing of inmates upon application for certain privileges for infection with certain diseases 2015-2016
view A3995 Assemblyman Keith L.T. Wright New York City Administrative Code Prohibits disclosure under the freedom of information law, information provided by mortgagees to the department of housing preservation and development of the city of New York relating to foreclosures 2015-2016
view A3920 Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele, Jr. Tax Law Makes technical corrections to the conservation easement tax credit 2015-2016
view A3975 Assemblymember Phillip Goldfeder Civil Rights Law Prohibits disclosure of highway, bridge, tunnel and other thoroughfare toll and transit records, with exceptions 2015-2016
view A3994 Assemblyman Michael J. Fitzpatrick Public Housing Law Authorizes purchase of dwelling units by residents of public housing projects 2015-2016
view A3886 Assemblymember Deborah J. Glick Public Health Law Relates to capping compensation for hospital executives 2015-2016
view A3893 Assemblyman Keith L.T. Wright Education Law Relates to the composition of the board of education of the city school district of the city of New York 2015-2016
view A3898 Assemblyman Keith L.T. Wright Real Property Law Establishes tenants' right to offset rental payments by the cost of certain emergency repairs 2015-2016
view A3901 Assemblyman Keith L.T. Wright Social Services Law Relates to the medical examination and needs of children placed in foster care 2015-2016
view A3906 Assemblymember Steve Katz Agriculture and Markets Law Relates to requiring animal shelters to prepare annual reports on the number of animal intakes and dispositions and the types of animals 2015-2016
view A3794 Assemblyman Keith L.T. Wright New York City Administrative Code Authorizes N.Y. police commissioner to promulgate rules and regulations directing uniforms of auxiliary police officer differ from those of the regular police force 2015-2016
view A3799 Assemblyman Keith L.T. Wright Social Services Law Increases the availability of emergency rent assistance to include grants for individuals at 200% or less of the poverty line 2015-2016
view A3802 Assemblymember Phillip Goldfeder Insurance Law Relates to anti-concurrent causation clauses 2015-2016
view A3807 Assemblyman Keith L.T. Wright Public Health Law Provides for tuberculosis screenings outreach and services in epidemic areas and makes an appropriation therefor 2015-2016

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